The ICPIA project

The overall objective of the project is to develop innovative analytic and policy approaches to a wide range of issues concerning the evolving international climate policy institutional architecture. The project will aim to achieve this objective on the basis of the following work packages:

  1. conceptual and empirical foundations concerning effort sharing;
  2. sectoral dimensions and trade issues in energy-intensive sectors such as steel, cement, electricity and paper and pulp;
  3. regional dimensions and inequality issues including between old and new members of the EU;
  4. institutional dimensions and incentive issues including questions about policy coherence and instrument interactions; and
  5. the search for a credible and stable global architecture.

The ICPIA project thus supports efforts of the European Union for an economically efficient and ecologically effective post-2012 climate strategy based on the realities, by conducting research into those realities and the options for navigating them.

The research issues analysed in the project are illustrated in the following graph:

ICPIA Structure